Thing vs Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler | Personell | Recording

The Ensemble has grown out of a band which was called Thing, until we found out a few years ago that there is of course another band already with this name, and strangely enough doing not a dissimilar ‘thing’ to us. Under the Thing name the band recorded ‘Thing vs Albert Ayler’ in 2006


Albert Ayler (July 13, 1936 – November 25, 1970) was an American avant-garde jazz saxophonist, singer and composer.
After early experience playing R&B and bebop, Ayler began recording music during the free jazz era of the 1960s. However, some critics argue that while Ayler’s style is undeniably original and unorthodox, it does not adhere to the generally accepted critical understanding of free jazz.[1] In fact, Ayler’s style is difficult to categorize in any way, and while some critics and fans are convinced of his genius, others insist that his attempts at rethinking jazz music were largely unsuccessful.
Avant-garde jazz seeks to elicit a reaction from its listeners, and Ayler, maybe more than any other avant-garde musician of his time, evoked incredibly strong and disparate reactions from critics and fans alike.[2] However, the risks Ayler took as a saxophonist and as a composer, whether successful or unsuccessful, have certainly inspired subsequent jazz musicians and continue to stretch both fans’ and critics’ understanding of the limits of jazz music.


Anton Wuts – Saxaphone/Music Transcription.
Vinnie Beaumont – Electric Guitar.
William Devine – Bass/Audio Engineering.
Aaron Burch – Drums.
Adrian Thornton – Electric Guitar.
Liam Bourke – Keyboard.